Some information on the Clanin family

Jim Clanin Sr.

I guess you could say I was born into the auto repair/service world.  My grandfather owned and operated an auto repair shop before I was born.  My father owned a Pontiac dealership and I grew-up as a dealership brat.
My wife Karen and I were born and raised in Connersville, Indiana, a town rich in auto manufacturing history. After coming to California in 1960 we settled in Santa Barbara and I went to work as a mechanic at independent repair shops and dealerships.  In the mid 60s I got a job with Butts Buick as a line mechanic and spent 10 years there. My introduction to Toyota was at this time and when I was offered a job with the new Toyota dealership in Goleta it was a no brainier.
In late 1977 Karen and I moved our family to Atascadero and I went to work for Spring Toyota in San Luis Obispo. I went from line mechanic to Service Adviser to Service Manager to Sales in the three years I was with Spring. I did learn that 'Sales' was not my cup of tea, but that I enjoyed working with service customers.
So in Early 1980 I started Clanin's Auto Service and limited repairs to imports only.  In 1990 we turned Clanin's over to our son Jim and with the help of our daughter Robyn opened Family Photo doing 1 Hour  photo processing and  services.  After 10 years the photo processing industry was changing and would have required a big investment of $$$ so the lab was closed.  Jim had done a great job with Clanin's Auto Service but was looking for a change and wanted to move out of state, so after 12 years of being back at Clanins Auto Service I still enjoy what I'm doing.



Lisa, our oldest daughter has been in Texas for many years.  Lisa is nearing her Cisco certification and was awarded 'Employee of the Year' in 2011 at the college where she works.


Robyn is our self proclaimed middle child. After working in our photo lab she is expanding her work as a professional photographer. Her love of horses and kids makes photographing them a natural for her. She is located here in Atascadero.


After running Clanins Auto Service for 10 years he left atascadero in 2000 for a move to Florida, eventually up to Knoxville, then Illinois and finally he is back in California in Santa Barbara for which we are grateful to have him close again.  Jim works at Santa Barbara Toyota which is where his dad worked when we left in 1977.

We're proud of all 3 of our children

Karen Clanin

Karen's life has pretty much always been focused on animals of one kind OR another, when small and denied a pet she kept bugs in match boxes!

Karen got serious about dog training before our 3rd child was born in late 1964. We replaced the boxer Karen grew up with by purchasing a boxer puppy which was called Sheba.   Lisa, our oldest, named her for her brindle stripes. Sheba started the whole thing, a major change in Karen's and Jim's life as Karen began to show Sheba in conformation.  From Sheba's first litter came Karim's Golly Gee, aka Sindi. She became the 71st UD for the Boxer breed earning many awards and a number of 1st placements.
Karen has earned nearly 40 titles on our dogs over the years: many Boxers, Belgian Malinois and many Border Collies. The past year, 2012, has been the most intense year of competition so far as Karen found Rally and has completely enjoyed this venue -- much like trail classes she did years ago with her Arab gelding, Bub. Maybe 40 titles in 48 years doesn't sound like a lot but in that 48 year span there were at least 25 years when Karen did not compete at all.

Her proficiency in training naturally led to instructing classes, starting with beginner novice for Los Padres Obedience Club in 1969 Karen eventually went to the Santa Barbara YMCA as a sponsor for her classes.  After the move to Atascadero in 1977, Karen began instructing classes for Paso Robles Recreation Dept. in 1978 and then for Atascadero Recreation Dept. in 1979 -- she is still instructing for Atascadero and doing private lessons in her indoor facility.

Karen has had a long association with horses, training and showing which eventually led her and daughter Robyn and husband Jim into several years of endurance riding.

In 1978 Karen acquired her first goat, a couple years later came the first pygmy goat.  This led Karen into the world of registered pygmy goats and goat shows.  After having pygmys, pygoras and Angora goats, Karen finally settled on the Nigerian Dwarf breed and traveled all over the state showing her small milking breed of goat, earning the first Master Champion title in this breed in the state of California.  Many Karim's goats are in the background of many herds throughout the United States.

Art has always been something that has been a passion for Karen, for many years she did commissioned pet portraits in oils. The year 2000 had her taking classes (her first) to learn the technique of watercolors, doing her typical intricate detailed style of painting Karen has won many awards.  Both daughters, Lisa and Robyn, got Karen started in making chainmaille jewelry which for the past 5 years has been an addictive passion that has led to her teaching classes and doing shows along with doing commission jewelry pieces.

Her love of animals along with her wide experience with many species led Karen into professional pet sitting which she has been doing since 1992.